DJ Fang Palazzo

DJ Fang

Experience: 10+ years
Genre: EDM, House, Bass House, Mash-Ups



While many mixers fail to capitalize off the change that comes in the music business, DJ Fang is benefiting from it due to his tireless work ethic. Spinning records across Second Life while utilizing today’s technology to showcase his impact is just one way Fang keeps his stock on the rise.

Though he started SL to create and maintain new friendships, Fang realized his passion was behind the turntables. ‘It helps to know the fundamentals, but I realized that I was meant to move crowds,’ says DJ Fang.

With that mindset, DJ Fang went on to secure spots at the hottest clubs in SL and is dedicated to grow his current club arsenal even further. Fang’s energetic presence behind the microphone and eclectic mixing style makes him truly the people’s DJ. One of the few deejays who do not pre-plan their sets, this live mixer makes your body move completely off the dome and mixing brand new music every set.

EDM enthusiasts can keep in touch on his official website and watch him mix live on